Blood, Detox Bullshit & Mental care [Party Mix #9]

Can Detox Waters Really Flush Your Fat and Toxins Away?


Slice and dice a few cucumbers, peel a tangerine and a grapefruit, toss in a few sprigs of mint, and you’ve got yourself a bona fide detox water, able to flush fat and toxins out of the body. At least, that’s what TV health personalities like Dr. Mehmet Oz and trainer Jillian Michaels have been touting. So, what makes detox water so magical? Via STAT News

Pretty much nothing, scientists say.

Volunteer Bikers Save Lives by Delivering Blood in Dead of Night


For the past ten years, John Stepney has spent his nights and holidays delivering blood, breast milk, vaccines, medical equipment, test results, and other vital materials to hospitals in England. But he doesn’t drive an ambulance or a car … he makes his deliveries by motorcycle. Via National Geographic.

This Is Why You Don’t Want to Move In After a Smoker


Georg Matt, Ph.D., a professor at San Diego State University who has researched third-hand smoke for years, says he’s been surprised to discover “how deep a reservoir of toxicants homes of smokers can become, and how we are exposed to these toxicants long after cigarettes have been extinguished.” Via Glamour.

Heavy Users of Mental Health Care Have Substantially Different Patterns of Health Care Use


The study found the average cost of health services used by heavy users of mental health care was more than 30 per cent greater than for other heavy users of health care. Mental health services, including psychiatric hospitalizations and visits to a physician or a psychiatrist, made up the largest portion (about 88 per cent) of the total cost, and services not related to mental health accounted for the remaining 12 per cent. Via Science Daily.

How to Get Your Kids Interested in STEM (Without Forcing It on Them)

Kids who don’t like math or science have come to think of them as bad words, much like the word “taxes” leaves a bad taste in many adults’ mouths. They don’t realize that outside of the classroom, these subjects live in every aspect of our lives.


So incorporate more STEM lessons into your family’s everyday life but focus on your kids’ engagement. When the fun they’re having with a science project or math problem is greater than the fear they have of failing, I think we’ve done our jobs. Via Life Hacker.



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