Coffee Breath: Not My Cup Of Tea

The smell of coffee grind in the morning is one of my favorite scents, and if you’re coffee fanatics as we are, you will enjoy this aromatic drink several times a day; but nothing comes without a price.


Knowing that it’s very beneficial for the nervous and cardiovascular system in addition to its antioxidant effect, we can easily dismiss Coffee breath as a minor “side effects” of java. But the question is why does it stink your breath?


We discussed in a previous post Garlic breath, explaining how difficult it is to enjoy the cloves without the scent…unlike our current aroma, which can be eliminated ! 😀

Caffeine is the main component in coffee; 200 mg of caffeine in a 240 ml of American coffee or it can go up to 1 mg in each 1 ml of espresso or Turkish coffee. The more concentrated, the worse the aftermath breath will be.

bad-breathCaffeine will drastically decrease saliva production in the mouth; which will cause a Xerostomia or simply dry mouth. Knowing that saliva has an antimicrobial effect, its scarcity will allow bacteria to multiply more freely. Making things worse is the acidity of caffeine; it decreases the PH of the mouth and transforms it into a perfect incubator for those smell-producing bugs. Furthermore, if you’re a “creamer”, you’re out of luck because those bacteria will actually feed on those sugar and cream that you added and multiply at an even higher rate. Finally, the more aromatic your drink is, the more residues it will leave in your mouth, hence more of that “side effect”.

Knowing that, the “cure” to coffee breath becomes simple hydration…

  • Drinking water and washing your mouth directly after a cup of java can hydrate your mouth and ease you from this burden.
  • Brushing your tongue after a cup of Joe is always beneficial, this way you will get rid of the pH altering aroma-causing molecules.
  • Finally, you can always switch to drinking tea, which also contains caffeine, but they are less aromatic and non-acidic. Disclaimer: Elia doesn’t agree this is a solution 🙂 “Tea has its own time and set of challenges…”

Sorry to interrupt but my cup of cardamom-infused coffee just dried, let me replenish it. In the mean time, let us know in the comments if you would like to know about more how food can affect the body odour. CHEERS!

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